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I got rejected from another job. I asked my parents if they wanted to book for a TV show and they just squabbled over dates until I got bored and left. I was in town today so apparently I don't get the computer, even to look for sodding jobs, of which there appear to be none in this shitty city. Meanwhile my brother's playing crappy games and sponging off my parents when he gets into debt, which he did for the third time this month, to the tune of £200. I work for my money. He gets a handout! Because he's him! And to top it off, a shop I went for interview at, who screwed me over by telling me the 16-hour vacancy I'd applied for had gone, are now fucking re-advertising that same 16-hour job. It would appear I am simply not good enough for hanging clothes out and using a till. Maybe it's my face?
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